And I caught a glimpse of you today
Pressed inside a decade-old book,
A Red rose wrapped in brown pages,
Unscented and Dead.


-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair




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To breathe life into my Soul

Like a parasite, she crawled beneath my skin,
Into my life, the demon in her dancing,
With the angels of my existence, Meddling,
Trembling, Suffocating, Clenching her fingers,
She pulled me closer, To breathe life into my soul.


-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


Love, I’d love to be in love with you.
But I do, I do dream to be with someone else too.
Curse me, for in this room, here, I only think of you
But believe me, I say, We are meant to be Two.

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair

Life #7

And I loved, like I’ve never loved before
And I lived, like I’ve never lived before
And I was, my being, like I’ve never seen
To love myself, Was to love indeed.

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair



Like a vampire, You came into my life
Sucked all the joy out of it, left me to die
Overwhelmed! I won’t forget you,
Every year, Every semester, you victim-less crime
Mugging my materials, Hy, It’s exam time.

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


Soft shades of dark blue,
Synced with kaleidoscopic vision
Flashed out a light, You.

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair

Oh, Pheromones!

The lingered sweat from my body
Perfumed the room. 
And his senses desired,
To be drunk in my fragrance,
To kiss my lips and Be gone
For once.
Oh, Pheromones!  

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair

Write me a Letter #3

Write me a Letter, Make my Day.
Embrace within each, A Poem,
Of four lines to translate yourself
Make me Proud, Give me a Reason.


-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


Crazy, stupid, ugly, Love
I am knackered by your conundrum.
Stop. I’m not yet ready.
Inconsistent. I like being Empty.


-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair