I Do Apologise

In the spirit of Earth Day, here is an apology. 


A   P    O   L   O   G   I   E   S
I know you have been hurt, tortured, burned,
I know you had to smoke your own lungs,
I know you had to face my (and my kind’s) rage
I know you’d rather be a no one then be our someone
But here I’m, I do apologise.
I like to drink my tea,
Rub my belly, breathe you in,
Dance in your winds,
Shine in your mahogany coloured sky,
Swim in your portion, set my heart in motion
Without hurting your limbs, I want to swing your arms,
But here I’m, I do apologise.
You said the water is blue, clear, transparent,
I made it red, black, oily, opaque, killing
You said the ice stands strong, for those seals and the penguins,
I melt it down, heat it up, I defied your laws,
I beat you up and You offered me things to dine
I treat you garbage and You offered me a roof
But here I’m, I do apologise.
I wanted to live in harmony,
I wanted you to be in harmony,
But here I’m destroying your peace
Killing you inch by inch, piece by piece
I wish I could stop this, I’m trying to stop this,
I am a mere human, You are a massive body of forgiveness
Oh Dear Earth, I hope you survive, I’ll try not to be hostile
But here I’m. I Do Apologise.

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


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