365 Days A Year

napo2017button1Day 21 and today’s prompt is to  write a poem that incorporates overheard speech.

“How can you say that I no heart?
How can you say that I am evil?
It’s been about two years and suddenly
I’m a mean, egoistic person?” Exploded
The lady in the orange cashmere scarf.
He looked her in the eye, deep down
Opened doors locked, to the unknown
He left her weeping, she stood there crying.
Little did he know, she carried their
Child within. Her eyes, deep blue ocean
He was just a ship trapped therein,
With every teardrop, the ship sailed back
To a different shore, never to be returned.
And each night she dimmed the lights,
And each night under the stars she wrote,
365 poems each day for a year
365 food for the soul captured clear
365 flavours of him, spiked as a souvenir.

Roshni Rajskekhar Nair


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