Loki, from Asgard #19

napo2017button1Day 19 of NaPoWriMo and the prompt is  to write a poem that recounts a creation myth. For this prompt I decided to write about Loki, who happens to be my favourite god or jötunn of the Norse mythology, and a beautifully portrayed frictional character by Marvel.

In deep starry nights, he swirls in with thunder,
Charismatic, mysterious and all things wonder.
Malicious and nihilistic, he asks to trust him
And we drink to his shallow pleasures to the brim,
He does what he pleases, you cannot rule him,
Toxic, he chuckles as he delivers rows of grim,
Like a spider’s craft, he is a master of his deeds
The Wrath of the Northmen, pain he feeds
You don’t worship him, for he is not be worshiped
You don’t love him, for he is not be loved
You don’t walk along with him, his path has no return
But, he is not evil, nor is he good, this you will learn
Befriend him and you my love, will burn,
Pledge your devotion and his confidence you will earn
Chaos becomes he, Fárbauti’s terribly sly son
Wisdom he is, father to Fenrir, this one
Imagine him, my darling villain, as you hit hard
A savage traitor to the divinities, Loki, from Asgard.
Image Source- deviantart

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


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