Ashes and Nectar #18

Trapped in a room painted Opaque Couché
There she stood naked facing the sky blue
Blinked twice, breathed life into the Earth
Endless hours of play, Stocked a tribute
To her younger glory. She boarded the train
To the capital of yellow sky, and blue land,
To world where the clouds swim and rivers fly,
She partied there till her last dawn, Designed her
Way back the rich,warm colours, soft skin,
Plum lips, Adopted the bohemian within,
She Phoenixed, Artistic nimbus illuminates
The jingles of her novel beauty gardened
She raised her imagination, set to soar
Painted her world Purple, she set to roar.


-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


2 thoughts on “Ashes and Nectar #18”

  1. She raised her imagination set to soar and paint her world purple.. like the choice of words and their rhythm :))

    Pls do go thru my latest blogpost on steal like an artist and looking glass self ( issues plaguing any blogger and person)
    And give your personal opinions 🙂


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