An Epistle #16

napo2017button1Day 16 and today’s prompt is to write a letter poem.


Photographed by Me
And my hair is still cut across my forehead,
It lies there, above my eyes, below those bushes,
Hideous, what else can I say. Midnight ranting.
Sat by the red vintage telephone kiosk, with
Those green climbing creepers, crawling up,
My wardrobe changes with the weather, orange
Sipped my caffeine, Faux leather jacket, Chelsea boots,
The weather was beautiful. All I needed was You.  
You wore blue today, sun kissed, messed hair,
Talked about the scrambled eggs you had for breakfast
I knew that time stopped then and there.
Professor Andrew described the biology
Of human heart, and I realised, You-
You gave me ventricular contraction right then,
You made my core hurt.
Rain, Water splashes, Liquid emotions,
Grey, sad, dark, wet.
More rain. Later the sun played peekaboo!
Tube- Work- Tube- Home,
Life is an unbreakable cycle,
Two days, and No you.
Sun kissed again. Golden locks shine.
I see you by the London Bridge,
A 10-minute walk together is all I please
Maybe more. Twined. Can’t we?
Let’s break free. Let’s break free.
Rip them off. Lust. Love.
We don’t need to define it.
These threads between us,
We are high, High in each other.
Your skin. My touch. Us.
Your Problems. My solutions.
Your Body. My crave.
My parts. Your needs.
Today, we bloomed.
Life continued,
Tube- Work-Tube- Home-You.
We, An Ocean. We, A beautiful Valley. 
18 years.
4 lives.
One soul.
Rest in Peace.



-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


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