Sonnet 1: Time, a Plaque

Where the sun shape-shifted, dusk awaited,
I felt that shadowy beast prey the light,
Wolves, sang lullaby, as the day ended,
The hourglass flipped once again with that night
Next morning the season changed, trees, barren,
Love shattered, the River, cold, Him, faded
Pale skin, his body decayed, a siren.
The greedy time arbitrarily pleased,
Of it devouring our heaven, A plaque,
So bland, smelled our fears, it brought us to tears,
It stood there, ready to stab in the back,
Till one day, time was gone, so was my dear.
          Time Crept, I wept, till the sun was selfless,
          Till the warm golden ray marked us timeless.


Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


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