Homo sapiens- NaPoWriMo 11

napo2017button1 Day 11 of NaPoWriMo. Prompt for the day: Poetic Form- The Bop


Tuesday evening, I take the tube back home, I unravel,
Every day(of my life), Jubilee Line 9 :30 am, By the stairs,
The last coach, Maybe the second last, day after day, every day.
I see a woman in boots, a new mother, a man in his Adidas,
A man up in years, I see people, Homo sapiens.
Alive, breathing, each day, everyday, earning a penny or two a day.
I write (under observation) as the song played along.
Restless, trapped in a cubicle, 10 to 5, each day, everyday,
The mortals, they ramble, fumble, love, hate, they doth feel,
These hairy beasts, separated amongst themselves,
One who decides to grow more hair on their face, while
The other (not all. by choice), Epilate. Humans,
Funny as it may seem, driven by society, each day, everyday.
Loud cry in muted hearts, each heart desires, some trapped,
In a cage, some set free. Sweet, Bitter, Descant.
I write (under observation) as the song played along.
Obscure this may seems, imagination flies, drenched in dreams,
Man, Homo sapiens, the one that evolved, they laugh, they cry.
A planet. A tree. A leaf. A fruit. And to eat every fruit, a man.
We save money, loose time. Time, a friend and foe. Time,
The circle of life. Cry, Eat, Sleep, the many phases till One day.
Humans, Homo sapiens, Friends to Charles Darwin.
I write (under observation) as the song played along.

-Roshni Rajshekhar Nair


5 thoughts on “Homo sapiens- NaPoWriMo 11”

  1. I really enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing. I hope you don’t mind, I’m including a link to this one as one of my daily recommendations on my own post for today. =)

    Liked by 1 person

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