Recharge your hair, Recharge your life!

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“I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck”
          Hair down, head held high, the sun shines to make them red, the stars, golden,  this earth seems to be heaven.
Our hair is filled with multiple emotions. The beauty and grace it withholds, the never ending stories it shares are countless, the roots that are mine make me what I am.
Having strong charged hair helps enhances these multiple emotions.
The wind sways through them, the shyness it pours along, like a musical lyrics, I am love.


I tuck my hair behind my ears in shyness, smiling like an adorable creature I am. I am happiness.


I braid them tight and strong, I am young, I am strength.31e4ace920ddec37240c7efa54995c19
I leave them open and free, I am free.

I bite my nails, let them fall off on my face, kiss my eyes, I am naughty. 

Image result for naughty hair

I jump on this bright sunny day let myself to be me! I am confident.

Image result for confident hair

When I feel the wind blow and still will to swing like a kid letting them go messy,  I am courage.
I look by the sea shore,wet eyes,still my waves sing, I am lost.

I am what I wish to be, who I will to be. I am young, I am free, I am love, I am shy, I am beauty, I am me.


I am emotionally charged person. I would rather keep it messy and charged than combed and lifeless.
This beautiful strands which expresses “ME” needs to be kept recharged. Why tie them up like prisoners, set them free, let them breathe.
Recharge your hair, Recharge your life!
For more about why and how to recharge your hair and thus your life check .



This blogpost was written for Sunsilk’s “Recharge your hair, Recharge your life campaign


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