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Follow my blog with Bloglovin I think I know Calm down! Not of your sins, Nor of what you did last summer. I think I know, Of the days growing shorter, With the approach of winter, I know of the nights being colder, With my tea steeped in warm water. But did you know, I... Continue Reading →


My depression

My depression is a war, And I am a lone warrior. Fighting with myself, Everyday There is no one beside me, There is no one here who might possibly win me. My friend, she talks about the texts she received yesterday I wish I could tell her, I cried myself to sleep last night I... Continue Reading →

Of life, Of time, Of space

And yes I am tired Not of life, not of time, not of space. You see, I did live, so far, so gay, With each day, I was more of a human, Laughing, Crying, Defecating human, With each song, learning a new emotion. But still, I am tired And my daily intake of caffeine, so... Continue Reading →

If they could.

If these cement covered brick walls could talk, They would agree on what a beautiful person I am. They would tell you the tales of my happiness, Whisper you the secrets that I shared in confidence, They would count you the hours that I wept They would stress you the time I caught my breath. If these... Continue Reading →

Would you?

If I showed you my pain, Would you store them all or will it be in vain? Would you scavenge them down, Or would I make you feel like a clown? I might get a little teary, But would you write them in a story? I know it would be sad, but I'm sorry! As... Continue Reading →


I am an emotionally vulnerable soul, You don't see, but I hide behind this smile Beyond that red painted lips is a blue cry Those tears that inflame my eyes and drip These tears roll down to drench me in agony But still, I flex the muscles at the sides of my mouth Hear, Hear.... Continue Reading →


Ignite my body with your spirit I am here in a fight to free my screaming soul, Trapped in the door to your dramatic heart. Chasing the experience of my young self The look that goes hazy, it's scary, Free me, For I am in a hunt for the sun. Amid a foggy, clenching fire,... Continue Reading →


मेरी कब्र, तुम्हारी आँखें, उनमें समाधि के लिए, हम प्यार करते हैं, बस एक बार के लिए, हम दो बार मरते हैं. डूबता हुवा सूरज, जैसे चन्द्रमा के लिए काले बादल, जैसे भारिश के लिए हमारी हर प्रार्थना है आप के लिए. संग उनके चलने की हम दुआ करेंगे ज़माने को छोड़ उनके तरीके सीख जायेंगे... Continue Reading →

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